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Our Fabrics

A beautiful fabric combining Polyester with Viscose, creates a soft fabric with excellent durability.

Articles made of Viscose possess a soft, graceful flow making it especially pleasant to the skin.

Polyester fibres are used to create strong, durable and stable fabrics that can resist light, weather and climatic effects.

This woven Polyester and Viscose fabric is particularly well suited to our trousers and skirt designs for its easy care properties.

It is quick to dry, crease resistant and stain resistant due to its Teflon coating, as well as its ability to retain its shape even when affected by moisture, promoting a smart appearance that sends out the right message.

A beautiful performance fabric combining Polyamide with Lycra, creates a soft ‘cottony’ feel with superior stretch, durability and ‘wicking’ properties.

The finest fibres are used to create this strong and durable fabric that can resist abrasions, punctures and tears.

This knitted fabric does not crease, shrink or fade through repeated washing and drying retaining its colour and shape and looking new for longer.

The ‘wicking’ process draws moisture away from the body to the surface of the fabric allowing the skin to breathe and regulate body temperature keeping you dry and comfortable.

The blend of Polyamide and Lycra fibres, is well suited to our tops, leggings and ‘flirty’ skirt designs, as it offers gentle support, superb fit and great freedom of movement, ensuring that you perform at your best at all times.

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